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DaoZang Volume 5,  053a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 053a1
[Page 53]

Bāo Lu Qun Ti
A bundle wrapped up with twine [is found at] the fountainhead platform (Quan Tai).

Bā Wēi Y Wn
The 'Eight-Prestige' (symbols usually written on a baton denoting power),
written in beautiful characters

Ān Zhn Wŭ Shān
[brings] Safety, installed in the garrison posts of the Five Sacred Peaks.

Yŏng Bǎo Y Ji
Forever to preserve one from [even] a hundred million calamities.

Shǐ Q W Qīng
Sending their influences that never deviate or run out.

Rn Nng Xun Gǎn
Man has the capability concerning Xuan ('Dark-Mystery')
to sense it and be affected by it.

W Do Tōng Lng
[And try to] Awaken to the Path and [receive] Supernatural Powers.

Xiū Zhēn Jn Xiān Y
Constructing True Script (Zhen) is a Fairy's line of business.

Wn Shng Z Li Ln
Ten thousand Sages from the beginning have come forward
to be present and oversee the [correct] copying of writing [and art].

Sh Y Fn Zhēn Q
But generations of passion and desire [have become] dust,
[along with] genuine interests and aspirations.

H B Qī Shān Ln
Do not the birds dwell in the mountain forest?

Cǐ Sān Ji Zhī Shng Fēi Kōng Zhī Zhōng Fēi Xiān Zhēn Yīn Yīn
Shēn Dng Zhāng

The Three Borders (San Ji- Past, Present, and Future Existences) are connected above.
Flying [from there] through empty space to the Center
a Flying Fairy (Fei Xian) gives out the true news.
These tidings are consulted in the Cavity Chapter (Dong Zhang).

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