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DaoZang Volume 5,  052a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 052a2

Y Wn Lu B Xiāo
The Jade Writing (Yu Wen) is spread out on the blue-green clouds.

Jing Zhēn Xun Shng Fēng
Bringing Vanquishment and Truth,
there is the Dark Profundity above the Peak (Feng).

F Yn R Yu Hu
A Dose to Swallow down the Coronas of [both] the Sun and Moon.

Gāo Bēn Y D Gōng
High up to rush, heading straight for the Jade Emperor's Palace.

Do Yo Guŏ Sān Ji
The Path, being distant as it is, still passes through the Three Borders.

Sh Ji Hui Lng Fēng
Swiftly the carriage goes to and fro, having the Marvellous Power of the Wind.

Zhōng Yū Hi Do Kāng
The Center gives birth to and rears the Child,
the Path gives it health and peace.

Ni Jū B Shǐ Yun
Within resides the Uncle (Bo); the history of Origin (Yuan).

Jīn Jīn Pi L Yŭ
A kerchief like gold, and at the waist a pendant of green feathers.

Tng Huī Chng Zǐ Yān
Ascending in Brilliance, riding upon a vehicle of purple smoke.

Xiāng Mng Zhū Xiān Lio
The phases of life and fate (Ming)
bring into effect all the various Fairy Officials (Xian Liao).

Q Lǐ D Yī Zūn
With all present at the ceremony, the Number One Emperor (Di Yi- Ruler of the Upper Cinnabar Field) is venerated.

Xi Guān W J Xiāng
Down below are observed, without end,
villages amongst the rustic and rural.

Chn Jng H Fēn Fēn
Dusty conditions at the boundaries; why one after another?

Dān Jiǎn Sh D M
Red Cinnabar writing,
the letters [attract and] assimilate the Great Demon (Da Mo).

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