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DaoZang Volume 5,  051a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 051a2

Xi Sn Kōng Ti Zhēn Wŭ Kāi Y Zhāng Gun Lin Lng Yān
red-tinged clouds scattered in the sky.
With the greatest truth to dance about and open up the Jade Seal (Yu Zhang)
so as to fill [the place with] the refining marvelous power smoke.

Jiŭ Hu Xun Jīng N Zhng Fŭ Hu Sān Ci Gān Bi Wn Zhōu Hn
Do Chng

Nine times around the Profound Capital (Xuan Jing),
accepting on the first month of the lunar year to assist in
the conversion of the Three Powers of Heaven, Earth and Man (San Cai)
to bring about the completion of ten thousand circuits
to go along with the Way (Dao),
will result in full accomplishment.

Zhēn Zhēn Zhōng Zh Shn Wn D Zhī
Truly genuine, at the center there is the Extreme God (Zhi Shen),
[along with] ten thousand Supreme Beings (Wan Di)

Zūn Yn Chŭ Yun Lu Wŏ Zhī Hu Shēn Lng M Y Ji Zh L W Yn
Dān Guāng Hun Fā

honoring the venerable at the banquet place,
[at first] circling round, then spreading out we [go,]
we are the embodiment of the Imperial Dragon (Long),
unconcerned over a Hundred million calamities,
[for] there is set up the vast and boundless Cinnabar's Bright Ray shining.

Wn Pǐn Shēng Chng Shng Yu Zǐ Xū Ji Rn Xiāo Ti Ln Gōng Zhī
Ten thousand become innate, rising up to ramble in the Purple Void (Zi Xu).
calamity fills the bleak and desolate.
The Platform Terrace [leads one to] the Precious Jade Palace (Lin Gong).

Ni Hu Qu Zhī Zhōng Zho Jing Zhēn Lng Pŭ D
inside the Flowery Imperial Palace Gates that are
at the Center to summon and bring about vanquishment,
and thereby truly providing the Power to relieve souls out of Purgatory

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