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DaoZang Volume 5,  050a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 050a2

S Tiān Zhēn Jūn Cuī F N
The Elemental True Sovereign (Su Zhen Jun),
will defeat those things of Evil Contrariness (E Ni).

Hēi Tiān Zhēn Jūn Shī Xun B D Hung Tiān Zhēn Jūn Ān S J Wŭ
Tiān Zh Zhēn Wn Do Zhī Yun Fēi Xng Ti Xū Tŏng Lǐng Qn
Xiān Zŏng Jio T L

[During the] night time the True Sovereign (Zhen Jun) carries out
the profound spreading of Kindness and Virtue (De).
The Yellow Celestially-Endowed True Sovereign (Huang Tian Zhen Jun) brings peace
and safety to one's Four extremities (Si Ji).
The Five Heavens (Wu Tian) and Extreme Truth (Zhi Zhen) along with
the Ten Thousand Ways (Wan Dao) are the principle ways to take flight
through the Universe (Tai Xu) to end up under the control of a group of Fairies
who have grouped together to teach the Picture Chart (Tu Lu).

Gāo Jū Shng Xun Zhōu Xng Bā Mng Zu Zhn Tiān Guān Cāng H B
Hǎi Yo Qu Qong Shān Xuān Lng B Hu Pŭ Go

At the highest point there resides Upper Profoundness (Shang Xuan).
Traversing its circuits is to walk by the Eight Dark Obscurities (Ba Ming).
[Afterwards to] then sit in ease at the Heaven Barrier (Tian Guan)
near the Dark Green River (Can He) and the Blue Sea (Bi Hai)
the Jade Imperial Palace with its Watchtowers (Yao Que)
From the Beautiful Jade Heaven (Qiong Shang Xuan) comes the decree
to deploy Transformation (Hua) and make it publicly known.

W Qong Yun Hung Shu Mng Sǎo Dng Zāi Xīong Je Tiān Zhn
Wēi Li

Inexhaustible (Wu Qiong), The First Emperor (Yuan Huang)
gives out the mission to mop up calamity and misfortune
through use of the Cruel Pickaxe (Xiong Jue). Heaven is shocked by the mighty power flowing around.

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