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DaoZang Volume 5,  050a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 050a1
[Page 50]


H Jǐng Fēi Gēn Pi F Ch Shū Gōng Li Zǐ Chn Xun Sī Kǎo Ch Mng
Shēn Shng Gōng Dōng Dŏu Zu Yn Xī Dŏu Shu Zhāng Bĕi Dŏu Fng
Jiǎn Nn Dŏu

To Harmonize with the Scene (Jing) one flies to the Origin (Gen)
to show respect for the Red Book (Chi Shu),
and stand in achievement in the ranks at the palace.
The Department of Profundity (Xuan Si) investigates into the
names taken part upon taking the rise to the Upper Palace (Shang Gong).
In the East the Dipper produces the Words (Yan).
In the West the Dipper supplys the Sections (Zhang).
In the North the Dipper gives the Written Letters (Feng).
In the South the Dipper

Hu Guāng Zhōng Dŏu Yun Biāo Yn Wŏ Wn Fāng Qīng D Kāi Shēng Bi
D Jŭ Xiān Ch D Zh Fǎ Hēi D Shǎng Yn

tranforms into a ray of bright light.
In the Center the Dipper provides the Fundamentals (Yuan).
With graceful movement it rotates in all places.
The God of Spring (Qing Di) opens life.
The God of Autumn (Bai Di) raises up the Fairys (Xian).
The God of Summer (Chi Di) manages the Laws (Fa).
The God of Winter (Hei Di) bestows Prolongment (Yan).

Hung D Bǐng Zhng Sh Y Wēi Qun Qīng Tiān Zhēn Jūn D Xin Mng
L Dān Tiān Zhēn Jūn Lng Yo Sī Zh

The Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) to hold upright the positive
absorbing the Imperial Might (Yu Wei), having the authority of the Cerulian Heaven (Qing Tian). He is the true Sovereign of the High Authorities (Jun Da Xian),
bright and brilliant is the sight.
Astronomically, he is the Red Celestially-Endowed Sovereign (Dan Tian Zhen Jun),
the Dragon (Long) [who] illuminates the department frank and continuously

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