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DaoZang Volume 5,  048a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 8 Scroll 23

[Page 48]

Yōu Dng Zh Gǎn Tiān
'Hidden and tranquil, clarifying extremely the senses' Heaven.

D Shn Q Yŭn Lng
Emperor 'Taking the opportunity to seek for the consent of prosperity'.

Jiŭ Shēng Ln Hu Tiān
The Nine Lives Essay (Jiu Sheng Lun - concerning the Sun, Moon, and seven stars
of the Big Dipper) transforms' Heaven.

D H Y Tng Wn
Emperor 'Congratulates Jade of the stagnant waters of
Wen Shui River [in Shantong]'.

Bǎ N Ho Gōng Tiān
'Awaiting earnestly the one who is the Great Duke (Hao Gong)' Heaven.

D Lu Dng Xng
Emperor 'Leaving behind a calm and stable body'.

Yn Xī Zhng Xiū Tiān
'The Boundary Brook Compilation (Yin Xi Zheng)' Heaven.

D Lio J Yŏu Fēi
Emperor 'Silent and auspicious to have an extra horse
held to the axle with long traces'.

Jiǎo Mng Dng Zhōng Tiān
'The horn [sounds] immediately following a movement at the Center' Heaven.

D Sī Guān Zhng Y
Emperor 'Manage the Barrier-House with an upright bearing'.

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