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DaoZang Volume 5,  047a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 23

Chng Sān S Hu Yn Fēi Biāo Xi Niǎng F Yo Y Y Y Wi Je Tiān
ride upon three plain white flowery clouds flying swiftly like a whirlwind.
On red-tinged clouds floats, shining and beautiful, the chariot on wings
to assist the ruler of the Garrison, Jue (the Pickaxe) of Heaven.

D Shu Shn Hŭ P Xi Jin Jing Zhēn Zhī Ji Zho Lng Zhī Fn Qin Li
A great beast which is the Divine Tiger (Shen Hu).
Advocation of this brings Vanquishment,
and thereby truly allows for Moral Integrity (Jie).
The Flying God Summons the Marvelous Power with a Funeral Banner (Fan)
at the front of the first row

Zhōng Ni Zhn Xiǎng Hu Shēn Guǎng Yu Xiāo Gē Jǐng Lng B Fng Yīn
Yn Xiāng H Qiān Zhēn

a bell going with a shaking sound, behind this come those showing respect
in a vast amount through the pleasant music of a bamboo flute song.
The Scene (Jing) has a Dragon and a bluish-green Male Phoenix Rhyme (Yin Yun).
These appear in Mutual Peace Rejoining in Song,
there are thousands who clearly

Ch Qū Wn Xing Hu Xiān Tiān Xiān Bīng Mǎ Lu B Y Qiān Qīng
Guāng Hu Yo Yīng Hu r Li Shn Xiāo Shng Zǎi Ti J Zhū

turn eagerly towards this.
Running quickly with all the manifestations of Nature (Wan Xiang),
they circle round the Heavenly Immortal (Tian Xian).
Fighting troops on their horses spread out amongst a hundred million thousand,
doing all they can.
The deviating Bright Ray turns back its
illumination in response to the Transform (Hua).
and [all the while one] comes towards the gods in the cloudy heaven above,
Governed by the Extreme Principle (Tai Ji) to bring
into effect the Heavenly Mystery (Tian Xuan)

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