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DaoZang Volume 5,  044b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 23

Hu Sn Mi Qiān
against disaster, breaking up Extinguishment (Mie), and Wicked Transgression (E Qian).

Shng Shēng Y Gōng Shēn Nng D Xuān Qī Yu Zhǎng Zhāi Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng
Jing Ti Yī Zhī

To ascend to the Jade Palace of the first Yellow Emperor
and God of the Center (Huang Di).
One needs to be sequestered in a small room for the whole of the seventh lunar month,
fasting and reciting the scriptures.
Dropping down from the Greatest-Of-All (Tai Yi) to go to the

Zhōng Zhēn Zho Jiŭ Gōng Zhī Zhng Lng Bǎo D Wŏ Shēn Shng Zu Xun
Mng Jǐ Gōng Qīng Jiǎn

Center where one must truly convene at the Ninth Palace (Jiu Gong).
There are found many clearly Marvelous Powers (Ling Bao) that give
protection and preservation to the limitations of one's Body.
Rising into the performance (Zou) of the Profound (Xuan),
the name given to these records and their achievement of merit through practice
is that of the Cerulean Writings (Qing Jian).

Zhōng Zhēn Sh Yu Zhǎng Zhāi Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Jing Ti Shng Zhī
Spending the whole of the tenth lunar month in fasting and reciting these scriptures,
descending from Great High (Tai Shang) to go

Xi Zhēn Zho Dng Ti Zhī Zhng Lng Wi Guŏ Tŭ Fēng Jiāng Sh J
Mn Rn Fŭ Tio Sh X

down with the Truth (Zhen), summoned to convene at the Cavity (Dong).
At the Platform (Tai) is given the multitudious Marvellous Powers (Ling)
for the whole country and its frontier boundaries,
with it the Spirits of the Land and its Grains (She Ji),
and the people are comforted and nurtured,
the shifts of the seasons are in order,

Fēng Yŭ Shn Y Ji S Fēng Rng
and the wind and rain obey in suitable sequence,
so that farming delivers an abundance of fine grain.

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