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DaoZang Volume 5,  044a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 23

Qn Y Kĕ Gǎn Zhēn Q Lng Yn Zh Mio Q Gun Yǎng Shēn Xng Tuō
L J Hun

are to be diligent.
It is also possible to be affected by the real phase of the
Power of Protraction (Ling Yan) caused by Subtle Qi (Miao Qi).
This is instilled in and raised up so as to give birth to the [Physical] Body
[that carries along with it] Sickness and Pain, Trouble and Worry.

Bǎo Shu Zhǎng Nin Hu Jiē D Zu Shī Jiĕ Zhī Do Hn Shn Zn Mi B
Jīng D Y J D Fǎn Xng Yu Xng Ti Kōng Cǐ Jīng Wēi Mio Pŭ D W
Qong Yī Qiē Tiān Rn

By protecting and preserving life, there is an increasing of one's years,
after everyone can get this, but first they must suffer through
becoming a corpse so they may understand the Way (Dao).
The Soul and its Divine Spirit (Hun Shen) therefore only undergoes a brief
extermination without having to pass through the inferno of Hell.
The result of this is to return with a [properly formed] body
and parade and Walk Around the Great Void.
These scriptures [act] in a subtle manner to relieve souls out of purgatory,
endless and inexhaustible,
it allows for everyone to become a Celestial Being (Tian Ren).

M B Shu Qng W Ling Zhī F Shēng Sǐ Mng Huī Shng Tiān Suŏ Bǎo B
Chun Xi Sh Zh Sh Zhāi Jīn Bǎo Xio

There is no on who cannot receive Good Luck,
boundless is their happiness.
Those Living and Dead receive the [same] favor and are pleased
to go up into Heaven (Shang Tian),
the place from where this precious thing comes, does it not?
It is not transmitted down below in this age, except by the actions
of a learned gentleman who fasts, retired into a study room.

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