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DaoZang Volume 5,  041a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 23

[Page 44]

Yu Shn Guān Yīn Yng
the Five Sacred Mountains God (Yue Shen) who has official management over
the Yin and Yang.

Zhŭ Zǎi J Li H D Jiǎn Zu Gāo Chn G Jiē Jiŭ Nin Do Ju Zhǎng
Shēng Hu Shu Y Shū r

The Ruler Over All (Zhu Zai) invites one to come,
being shielded for the occasion by the Written Documents that allow
presenting oneself to the Highest of the Emperor's Apartments (Gao Chen).
For it is standard that every nine years one must access the Path (Dao)
to engage in the accomplishment of Long Life (Zhang Sheng)
through obtaining the Jade Book (Yu Shu),

Shng Li D Chn Gōng Mǎn D Ju W B K Shēng Cho Y Jīn Qu Yu
Yn Y Jīng Yĕ Shng Xe Zhī

and the above-listed Emperor's officers work to provide results
filled with virtue and kindness right away.
Just attempting to move towards accomplishment is of no matter,
because one cannot yet ascend to attend the court of the Golden Palace (Jin Que)
to ramble about and entertain at the banquets at the Jade Capital (Yu Jing)
as well to go to school.

Sh Xiū Sng Sh Jīng Jing Zhēn Zho Lng Hn Hu Bǎi Shn Dng H Yōu
Mio Chāo Lin Fēi Shēng Sh Rn

Rather, it takes a well-trained scholar to study to be able to read aloud
and recite these Scriptures that bring Vanquishment and thereby truly allow
for the summoning of the Marvelous Power (Ling).
Getting along during the transformation,
the Hundred Gods (Bai Shen) in the Cavity (Dong), harmonious and remotely hidden,
with cleverness that surpasses (all else) carry out the refinement
needed for one to fly up into heaven.

Shu Sng Suī Wi D Xun Yo Jīng Nin Ru
receive the Chanting though they have not yet understood
its Profound Incredibilities (Xuan),
but wish to obtain the important [things about] Essence (Jing).
Studying such things requires one to attend school, reading aloud and being 

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