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DaoZang Volume 5,  043a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 23

Ni Mng Yǐn Yn Zhī
Inner Name (Nei Ming) to have a rhyming

Yīn Y Sh Shn Xiāo Ni Hu Y Dng Zhī Yǐn Mng Yĕ Fēi Sh Zhī Chng
C Shng Shng Yǐ Chng Zhēn Rn Tōng Xun Jiū Wēi Nng X
Q Zhāng Sng Zhī

It is correct that the Gods (Shen) and the Clouded Heavens
(also have) Inner Taboo Names (Nei Hui).
The Jade Cavity (Yu Dong) likewise has a Secret Name (Yin Ming).
It is not for those who live in the world to use these,
but the constant Diction and Phraseology (Ci) a superior sage (Shang Sheng)
already has to enable him to turn into a Perfected One (Zhen Ren),
and as an expert who understands the Profundity (Xuan),
[One also} needs to examine into its most abtuse powers and capabilities.
To learn entirely this section, and to chant

Sh Gu Zhū Tiān Yo Chng Wn D Sh Lǐ H Hǎi Jng M Tiān Zhēn Jing D Zhāo Mng Shn Lng Sān Tiān
the Ten Diviations to the Heavens though they are distant and remote,
singing and calling out to the Ten Thousand Divine Emperors (Wan Di)
for their support through ceremony.
[Beyond] The Rivers and Seas is Calm-Silent Mountain
(Jing Mo Shan- one of the Five Sacred Peaks)
where the Celestially-Endowed (Tian Zhen) vanquish the limits of life,
allowing one's Divine Spirit-Energy (Shen Ling)
[to proceed to] the Three Heavens (San Tian).

Zh Xuān Xuān Jī B Xng Qiān Guān Li Bān F Ch Y Zhī
Zh Xuān Xuān Jī B Xng Qiān Guān Li Bān F Ch Y Zhī

Staying in a small room, things workings like an Armilllary Sphere (Xuan Ji),
is out of the question, along with a thousand officials.
Bearing on one's shoulder the Red Jade (Chi Yu) along with

T W Hēi D Zhī Yǐn Piān
the Drawing (Tu) grasped in the hand of the God of Winter (Hei Di -the Black Emperor),
using its secret section

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