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DaoZang Volume 5,  041a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 23

Zhāng Mng Shuō Jīng
to be made manifest.
To state the 'Third Universality'

Sān Bin Mi Sh D Xun Shuō Jīng S Bin Xiāo Xū Mio Xing
Yǎ Yn Chng Yīn Shuō Jīng

No sun is known to reach into the blackness, [where] Dark Knowledge is
needed to understand thoroughly the Abtuse and Profound.
To state that the Fourth Universality has from the sky of Void-Emptiness
the wonder of the refined Sounds (Yun) that turns into the Tidings.
To state that the Fifth Universality

Wŭ Bin Kōng Dng Lng Wn Lǎng Hun Bā Fāng Shuō Jīng Li Bin Gāo
Zhēn Shng Shng Xi Jiāo Rn Jiān Shuō Jīng Qī Bin Sān Dng Jīng
Fǎ Pŭ Yng

in the Hollow Cave (Kong Dong) are its Powerful Writings.
Bright and glowing [throughout] the eight points of the compass.
To state that the Sixth Universality,
the Highest-Truth Superior-Sage (Gao Zhen Shang Sheng)
went down below to teach it in this world.
To state that the Seventh Universality cause the Three Grotto Scriptures
(San Dong Jing- the basis of the Dao Zang) to be of universal use,

Xuān Xng Shuō Jīng Bā Bin Yōu Xiǎn Shn Lng Yīng Nin Su Xīn Hu
Shn Jing Xing Yŭ D H Bng Shuō Jīng Jiŭ Bin

declaring its Advanced Capabilities (Xing).
To state that the Eighth Universality,
causes the deep and hidden to be displayed,
and the Divine Spirit-Energy Responses (Shen Ling Ying) to be studied.
These comply with the thoughts of the Mind's (Xin),
whereby Doubt of Goodness (Huo Shan) is vanquished
and Auspiciousness (Xiang) with Virtue (De) amalgamates.
To state that the Ninth Universality,

M Sh Juān Xī
though the demons test the purity of their Breath (Xi)

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