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DaoZang Volume 5,  040b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 18 Scroll 22

Sh Dāng Y Zu Tiān Zhēn D Shn
only then is it suitable, [having these technical attainments,]
to take a visit to the Constellation-Seat of the Celestially-Endowed Diety,

Shng Shng Gāo Zūn Mio Xng Zhēn Rn W Yāng Shŭ Zhng Chng Kōng
r Li Zǐ Yān Tng Xiāo Yŭ Q Yn Chē N Jīng Xi Gi Yng Ăi Chn Huī

the Superior-Sage Great-Venerable,
the Wonderous-Conduct [Senior-Level] Perfected One Unhaltered.
Numerous crowds riding in a chariot coming [from] the empty heavens,
upon arrival appearing out of the Purple Smoke.
They ascend to the clouds in Heaven,
in their feathers and plumes, riding to the clouds in their vehicles.
Carrying secondary rainbow (Ni) banners on feathered masts.
Red-tinged clouds make up the canopy, reflecting the sunlight,
and in the haze of the dawn, brilliant with

Wŭ S Lu Lu Y Yo Jiŭ Kōng Qī R Qī Y Zhū Tiān Zhū D R Yu Xīng
Chn Hǎi Yu Dng Gōng Yī Sh

the Five Colors (Wu Se- Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Black)
Spread out as if on a net, luxuriantly illuminating the nine skies,
for seven days and nights the heavens bring into effect
the Earth, Sun, Moon, and the Stars.
[Beyond] the Sea on the highest peak of the Five Sacred Mountains (Yue),
there is a Cavity (Dong) which contains a Palace (Gong).
For a short while

Kāi Lǎng Lng Guāng Zho Ch Jǐng Q Dng Qīng Yī Guŏ D Tŭ Shān
Chuān Ln M Miǎn Png Yī Dĕng

there spreads out from it the brightness of powerful ray of light,
shining and settling with a penetration [that brings] prosperity
to the entire country and all of its land,
mountains and rivers and forests.
Reflecting back on remote times,

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