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DaoZang Volume 5,  039a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 17 Scroll 22

[Page 39]

F Sāng Qīng Hu D Jūn Jiē Zhī Q Yīn Yǐ Chun Q Wn Nng Zhāi r
Fu Sang (where the sun rises behind the fabulous tree
for which that country is named),
and Cerulean Flower (QingHai Province) have the Supreme Monarch (Di Jun).
Known to all, the sounding of his tidings accounts for their being spread around.
These writings do provide the energy to fast and

Sng Zhī Zhĕ Zhū Tiān Jiē Qiǎn Fēi Tiān Shn Wng Xi Guān Q Shēn Shū
Q Gōng Qn Shng Zu Zhū Tiān Wn Shn Cho Lǐ D Q Sh

chant these to the heavens from which each dispatches a Flying Apsara (Fei Tian),
and the God-King goes down to observe an individual's character and conduct,
and write down theit merits and achievements.
And how their diligence and toil lead to
achieving [and maintaining a level of] superior performance.
In the Heavens the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits perform the court ceremonies
where the Earth Gods (Di Qi)attend upon them.

Mn Wng Qīng Xiāo M Shn Wng Bǎo Jŭ Shng Xiān Do Bi K D Fēi
Shn Sān Ji

at the gate.
The Monarch thoroughly dispels the demons and monsters.
The God-King (Shen Wang) protects and raises others up
[in] the superior Fairy Way (Xian Dao) which is a complete
and able [process] to get ready to become a Flying God (Fei Shen) who can transcend
the Three Borders of Past, Present, and Future Existence (San Jie).

Zho Lng Qiān Zhēn Cǐ Yīn W Suŏ B Bin W Suŏ B Tōng W Suŏ B D
By summoning the Marvelous Power (Ling),
thousands truly receive the welcome news,
which is that there is no [Change so things are] invariable.
There is no [blockage so there is no] Flow Stoppage.
There is no [restraint so all is] Without Limits

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