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DaoZang Volume 5,  038b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 22

Png Su Pǐ H
Calm and peaceful, those in compliance are allowed to break through the guard.

Zhūi Yōu Fǎn Guāng
Tracking down the Secret and Hidden (You) using the Reflection of Light (Fan Guang).

D Gōng Wǎng J
Gauging the results [show them to be] without limit.

Y Hu Tiān Xiān
A hundred million transformed into heavenly immortals.

Do Yn Cǐ Wng Chn Tiān Zhōng D Fn Yǐn Yŭ W Ling Zhī Yīn Jiē Y Wn
Dān Shū Lng Zhāng Yn Zhun

Daoist Doctrine states that this 'King of the Dawn (Wang Chen)
of the Heaven at the Center is the Great Brahmin (Da Fan)'
is an elliptical sentence and allusion
to what is Boundless and without measure (Wu Liang).
In these Tidings (Yin) every one of the Jade Characters (Yu Wen)
of the Vermilion Book (Dan Shu), in its Dragon Chapter it says
that the Ancient Chinese Character Seal Ideographs (Zhuan)

B Y Ni Qu Hu Tng Hung Jīn Bǎo Hn Huī Guāng Bǎi Xn Wŭ S Lng
Q Shn Zhāng Zhī

are Secret and Divine (Bi).
Within the Imperial Palace (Que) is a flowery Meeting Hall (Tang)
with gold coins in a case, glowing in their hundreds.
Unexpectediy there will be found within all of the Five Colors (Wu Se)
an atmostphere of Supernatural Power (Ling Qi),
containing the God (Shen) of the Seal.

Zhōng Shn Xiāo Wng Qīng Zhēn Wng
For in the Center is the God of the Cloudy Heavens,
this King who is clearly the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang).

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