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DaoZang Volume 5,  038a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 22

Kōng Hu Dng Xī
Emptiness except for the flower in the Cavity is to wished for.

Hu Y Zhng Yn
Favor and kindness in surplus is the true accumulation.

Fn Gē Mǐn Shī
Drifting carelessly singing a song of sadness to the fall sky;
compassion is to be carried out.

Zh Xiǎn Bin
To fix the mind on what is made manifest is to differentiate evil.

Guī Sh H Ch
Gui, a surname which means to 'Return or Belong' is harmonious in its grasp.

Jiāo Yn Zhu Lu
On the teaching mat time falls away.

Fāng Jin Yǐng T
The direction of the mirror's reflection carried under one's arm
is [towards] the Dipper.

Bǐng Wi J P
Bright and glorious is the garrison defending the heaped up earth and cattails.

Shng Nng Shn Yī
In victory [one needs] to concentrate with rapt attention on the garments.

Hū F H C
Suddenly supporting with the hand the harmonious written plan.

Pǐn D Mu Huī
The products measured out are equal to sunshine.

J Miǎn Huāng Qun
The tremendous urges of famine and desolation;
[accompany] the neglect of authority.

F Chē H L
The charmed vehicle is harmonious to leave away from.

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