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DaoZang Volume 5,  037b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 22

Yāng Y Mio Bĕn
Infinite like Fine Dust (Yang Ya) is the wonderful Root (Ben).

Xiǎn L J F
Displayed in their multitude, all are floating.

Y Fēi Kōng Kē
Playing Go (Wei Qi) on a folding door leaf,
the sky is empty of branches.

Hu L Wǎn Dū
It is China's land winding to the Capital.

Jng J Tuī Zh
In respect all choose the Wise Man (Zhe).

Jǐng Yo Dng Xū
The scene illuminates the Cavity of Void-Emptiness (Dong Xu).

Qng Y Ln Yuǎn
To give Congratulations on the Good Luck
of Razing the Forest of the Distant [Foreign Country].

Y Zho Xun Zhū
[For this is what] Gave Birth to the Omen fortelling
the [Buddhist Doctrine of] the 'Pearl of Mystery'.

Zhū Chng Ăi H
[But] This [real] Pearl's turning into [unreal]
mist was caused by whom and for what reason?

Fēn B Hu Shū
The fragrancant transformation unfolds leisurely.

Fēi Guāng J Y
Flying up to the light of the Dustbin Star [using] wings.

Fū Bin Bĕi Shū
Spreading out everywhere from the Northern Pivot (Bei Shu).

D Yī Lng Fng
The Great Single (Da Yi) energizes the house.

F Yǎng B Jū
With a simple move the Green Jade becomes inhabited.

Hu Fn Shn M
Turning back to re-offend; the gods are unconcerned.

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