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DaoZang Volume 5,  036a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 22

J Shāng Fn Yŏu Cǐ Zāi Tng Xe Jiē Dāng Yn Shn Lin Q Hu Shu J D
illness and injury [much in the same way that]
the ordinary Mortal World has to deal with calamity and misfortune.
In common with this, to study everything suitable to the movements of the gods,
refining the influences to convert them to receive success
through the completion of the limits

Sh Bin Zhun Jīng Yǐ Zho Shn Lng F Hu Gng Shēng W Ling Zhī Wn
Pŭ D W Qong

of the Ten All-Pervading Universalities.
And pass on the scriptures in order to Summon the Gods with the Marvellous Power
to restore [the conditions that bring about] Regeneration.
Boundless and Immeasurable, [use of] this written work will
relieve Souls out of Purgatory; [it is truly] Endless and Inexhaustible.

Do Yn Fū M Xe Do Qiǎn Hu Xiān Pǐn M Chōng Shn Q Wi Bi
Fēi Zho

Daoist Doctrine states that common man, having superficial learning of the Path (Dao),
[even rudimentary achievement as] a person of Fairy Class level's last stage
to satisfy the Spirit of the Mind (Shen Qi),
they have still has not yet completed enough to be able to fly when summoned.

B Nng Yn Yīng Mi D Shēn Jīng Ti Yīn Ln Gu Zhī Sh Tng Xe
One cannot use the movements correctly without extinguishing the limits of the Body.
The Classic of the Moon Channel (Tai Yin Jing) overlooks the errors of the days and seasons.
This is the same as learning the knowledge needed to become a

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