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DaoZang Volume 5,  036a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 22

[Page 36]

B Y B&#236 Y&#250
divine secret is.

Shn Xiāo Y Fŭ Ni Jn Qong Gōng Hu Tng Jīng Sh Yī Xun Kē
Sān Wn Li Qiān Nin Ji Yn Dāng Chun Ru Yŏu Zh Rn Mng
Ni Bǎo Zh Xīn Yī Ju G Mĕng

In the divine clouds of Heaven there is the Jade Residence (Yu Fu).
Entering within the forbidden Jade Palace (Qiong Gong)
in its Flowery Main Hall Scripture Room (Hua Tang Jing Shi),
complying with the profound studies.
thirty-six thousand years of calamity and good fortune have passed by,
knowing that there exists the Perfect Man (Zhi Ren),
Brilliant and Distinct (Ming) within,
precious with natural qualities of character and a plain heart,
complying with the old alliance of sworn brothers in the Three Heavens (San Tian).
But how is it handed over?

Do Yn Fū Tiān D Yn D Y Yŏu Fŏu Zhōng R Yu Wŭ Xīng Y Yŏu Kuī
Yng Zh Shng Shn Rn

Daoist Doctrine says that [for] Man, [Just like] Heaven and Earth,
Movement and Degree likewise have no finish or finality.
The sun, the moon, and the Five Planets {Venus Jupiter Mercury Mars and Saturn),
also very much Wane and Wax, are deficient and then in surplus.
The Sages and Emperor-Gods

Y Yŏu Xiū Fŏu M Xe Zhī Fū Y Yŏu
in like manner, have to deal with Good Fortune and Bad,
[when possessing only] insufficient, superficial learning
a Man also has to reckon with

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