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DaoZang Volume 5,  035b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 22

B Shng Tiān Wn Zhū Tiān Gng Suŏ Chng Xi Mn Du D Y Hu J
Qī Zŭ Wēng

within it the secret Divine Heavenly Writings of the Heavens (Tian Wen Zhu Tian).
All those sharing this place venerate the release of these secrets
which gracefully defer sinking into Hell amidst Disaster and Calamity (Huo).
These are the things coming from the Seven Founding Ancestors (Qi Zu),
and the Old Father-in-Law (Weng).

Do Yn Cǐ r Zhāng Bng Sh Y Chn Shng D J Jiŭ Xiāo Wng Yǐn B Zhī
Daoist doctrine states that these two different sections are united together.
It is correcet that from the Jade Private apartment (Yu Chen)
of the Upper God (Shang Di) [one can] go up to the Ninth Heaven,
of which its King (Wang), is secret and hidden, [just like his]

Yīn Jiē Sh D Fn Zhī Yn Fēi Sh Shng D C Yn W Yn L Qū W Hu
Wǎn G Wi

Tidings (Yin).
Each one of these is correct.
For the Great Brahmin's (Da Fan) words are contrary to the [state] of the world.
But the God's (Shang Di) Diction and Phraseology in His use of words is not melodic,
such as is the old Singing Verse (Li Qu- a certain type of Pre-Yuan Dynasty tune).
Likewise, it is also not showy or elaborate, winding or tortuous.
Therefore it is called

Xun o Nn Kĕ Xn Xing Shng Tiān Suŏ Bǎo
abtuse and difficult.
Yet it is possible that, though this is unexpectedly detailed,
to suddenly know clearly that Heaven is the place where the precious

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