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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 035a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 22

Bǎi Shn Xin Nng
A Hundred Supernatural Beings all in Peaceful Tranquility.

Chŭ R Yǐng Su
Coming and Going, [the resultant] Shadows and Reflections
[likewise] do as they please.

Su Yǐng Jin Zhēn
But [even if] following a Shadow,
one soon enough meets up with something Real.

Zhēn Zhōng Zhī Zhēn
The True Center is that which is Genuine.

J Cǐ Zhēn Kōng
This is nothing less than the Thing known as Genuine Emptiness (Zhen Kong).

W Jiĕ Chng Do
[Thus] Realizing the Solution results in Establishment of the Way.

Bǎo Zhī Zhǎng Cn
Protection of this guarrantees one to live forever.

Ĕr B W Zhēn Do
To reply without thinking is to not realize the 'True Path (Zhen Dao).

Yŏng Chĕn Bĕi Lu Fēng
Forever, from the depths of the North,
spreads out the trap of Hell (Feng).

Zhun Ln Shēng Sǐ Gēn
The Turning of the Wheel is Life and Death's Root.

Li Q W Xiān Mn
The Six Delights (Liu Qu) are not those of the Fairy Gate (Xian Men).

Cǐ Jiŭ Xiāo Zhī Shng Y Lng Zhī Zhōng Shn Wng Gē Yīn Yīn Xi

These Nine Heavens (Jiu Xiao) are above,
and have a Beautiful Power (Yu Ling),
In the Center the God-King (Shen Wang) sings the tidings.
This news is in harmony with the Jade Statutes (Yu Lu).

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