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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 035a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 22

[Page 35]

Y Chn Dng Wēi
The Jade Emperor's private apartment,
the Cavity is tiny yet profound.

D Do Yǐn Cn
The Great Path, though Concealed and Latent,
Exists and Retains.

Zh Zhēn W Tǐ
It is extremely Genuine though it remains Without Substance.

Yǐ Do Wi Shēn
But in order to use the Path one must have Body and Life.

Yn Shn Zho Lng
For it is the Movements that allow the Fortune and Luck God
to summon Marvellous Power.

Bo Ku Gān Kūn
And Hugging and Carrying, draws together the Sun and Moon.

Ni Sh Wi Xū
Inside is Real; Outside is Emptiness.

Yng Guāng Yīn Jīng
Yang is [the Light of] Sunshine, Yin is [the Dark Essence of] Shade.

F L Xun J
Floating on the Surface, [all else is] a Black and Profound Stillness.

Shēn R Yǎo Mng
One's Body and Life, conforming to this,
[eventually] enters and disappears into the Deep Nether World.

Bin Hu Z Rn
[For] Change is Natural.

Yu Guān Ti Kōng
To Ramble and Observe the Spectacle of the Great Void.

Ti Kōng Zhī Shng
The Great Void is that which is Above (all else).

Hn H Jiŭ Chng
To Mingle and Mix the Nine Accomplishments (Jiu Cheng).

Wŭ Tǐ Shēng Qun
[Much in the same way] that the Five Parts of the Body [combined]
produce the Living Whole.

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