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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 034b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 22

Dng Zhī J Jiĕ W
The Movements (Dong) promptly allow one to see Realization (Wu).

B Y Zǐ Yun Dū
The Divine Secret (Bi) is at the Purple Capital (Zi Yuan).

Chāng Yn Jio Li B
Prosperity and good luck flourish when the carrying of their Charms (Fu)
is spread around.

Hu Fng Y Zǐ Yān
The Flowery House (Hua Fang) is filled with fragrant purple smoke.

Lng Ti Sh Zhǎng J
The Mind (Ling Tai) can clear up and dispel Sakymuni's strong points.

Kāi P Wn Yŏu Fǎ
[And thus cause an] Opening Up so that All may Possess the Law.

Bāo Ku Li Xū Chēng
Including the Six Theories (Xu) results in Full Accomplishment (Cheng).

D Do J W Tǐ
The Great Path is lonely and still, silent without body or substance.

D Do Hun Ĕr Shēn
[Yet one who] gains the Path is unexpectedly given return [of their] body.

Gēn Dun Sǐ H Mi
If the Root (Gen) is broken off,
then [when] at deaths's door (Si Hu) the lights are extinguished.

Fēi Shn R Ti Qīng
The Flying God conforms to the Great Purity (Tai Qing).

Chāo Lng Y Ji T
To [be able to] transcend and [so] avoid,
a hundred million calamities are blotted out.

Yŏng L Pī Guǐ Gōng
Perpetually kept away through examination are the Ghosts (Gui) from the Palace (Gong).

Gu Sān Ji Xī
Time passes by the 'Three Borders'
(the Past, Present, and Future existences) - Oh! Is this not so?

Do Y Zhǎng Kōng
For the Path can be driven as it ever-grows in the Emptiness of the Void.

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