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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 034a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 22

Jiĕ W Chng Zhēn
Solving 'This', by awakening turns into the 'Real'.

Zhēn Zhōng Mio Lǐ
'True and Real' has at its center Wonderful Li (Natural Order and Logic).

Fǎn Bĕn G Gēn
Returning repeatedly the Stem, makes for a solid firm Root.

Ti Yī Zhēn M
The Star [known as] 'Greatest [Sentiment] Second-Heavenly-Stem'
is unmistakenly that of a Demon..

Shng Xiāng Yun Jūn
[And] superior of appearance is Yuan Jun (the 'Primordial Sovereign').

B Yǐn B Xiǎn
The divine Hidden Secret, latent and lurking,
is never apparent to the eye.

Y Ji Zhǎng Cn
[Even though there happen] a hundred million calamities,
[one can] live forever.

D r Zǐ Wēi Y Fŭ Dng Zhēn Zho Lng Zhī Gē
Number Two
The Purple Profound Jade (Zi Wei Yu) Residence of the Cavern of Perfection
Summoning Marvelous Power (Ling) through song.

Shn Tīng Yǐn D Lu
The god's law court hides from view the Highest of the Thirty-six Heaven (Da Luo).

Fn Rn Wi Zōng Zhŭ
The Brahmin is truthfully the Ancestor's Ruler.

B Dng Nǎi Jīng D
Motionless and unaffected are the Scriptures (Jing) of the Emperor.

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