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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 034a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 22

[Page 34]

Shn Lng Bin Hu
It is the Divine Spirit-Energy that facilitates Change.

o Yǐn W Qong
Profound and Hidden from view, it is Endless and Inexhaustible.

Q Shn Xiāng H
Qi (Breath) and Shen (Divine Spirit) [are best kept]
in coincidence with [each other].

Zhēn R Xiān Mn
[Having this is to be] Truly given admission to the Fairy Gate [of Immortality].

Shn Nǎi Shēn Zhŭ
Shen (Divine Spirit) is therefore the Shen (Body's) Master and Monarch.

Q Nǎi Shn Wng
[And] Qi is in like manner 'Shen Wang' ('God-King' the Divine Ruler).

Shn Q J Mio
The Qi Spirit (of the Mind and Heart) is fully wonderful and subtle.

Shēn Y Gāo Zhēn
To respect the Emperor (Yu) is the highest truth.

Fēi Lng Bā J
Flying and disappearing with Marvellous Power
to the four points of the compass and their halves.

Zho Zh Wn Shn
To summon the great majority of the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits.

Wi Do Kĕ Xi
In Thought alone by oneself, but the Path has the company of others.

Dng Ch Yōu Mng
[From it you] see clearly and understand thoroughly
the Dark Hell of the Nether World..

Hu Fēng Shn Jǐng
The circling Wind (Feng) fans the Scene (Jing).

Tiān D Y Shēng
[The interactions of] Heaven and Earth give birth to Life.

Sng Yŏng Ch Yāng
Reciting [the Divine] Poetry divides away misfortune and calamity.

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