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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 033b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 22

Zhī Zhēn Zhǎng Shēng D Jūn Y Lng Gōng Zǐ Fēi Hu Zūn Shn Yu
Kōng Zhŭ Zǎi Ni Zh Xng

is the place for genuine Longevity (Zhang Sheng),
where the Great Sovereign (Da Jun) provides the Marvellous Power (Ling) so that
the Young Aristocrat (Gong Zi) can fly up and be transformed.
There honoring the gods he rambles about in the Emptiness of Space (Kong).
Within is controlled the Body (Xing),

Zhēn Q J Lng Qun Bǎo Mng Shēng Gēn Yŏng G Shn Lng Chū
R Shng Qīng Bā Wi Zhī

the Prenatal Breath (Zhen Qi) together with its Energy (Ling) is fully protected.
So that Life strikes the Root (Gen) and becomes permantly fixed.
With the Divine Spirit-Energy coming in and going out,
with the Highest Clarity (Shang Qing), the Eight preserve it

Ni Sān Ji Zhī Zhōng Tōng Hu Wn Shn Zhŭ W Sān Gōng
Yīng Zho

within the Three Borders at the Center.
This leads to Transformation (Hua) by the Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen).
The Ruler (Zhu) whose grasp includes the Three Palaces (San Gong)
agrees to summon

Jiŭ Yun Hn H Wn Shn Sh Zhun Hu Xiān Lng Q Shēng Qun Xiān Do
Yǐn B Yn Yīng D Rn Shng Kāi Tiān Fēi Shn Zho Lng Chāo Shēng
Y Guān Ho Ji W Tng Pŭ Shu Kāi Hu Shēn

from the Nine Sources (Jiu Yuan) the Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen).
Using ten changes to return back to Fairyhood,
and with Supernatural Power (Ling Qi) life will be perfect and whole
as the Fairy Way (Xian Dao).
With secret motions used,
this is suitable to bring Salvation (Du Ren),
and is superior in opening the Heavens.
The Flying God

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