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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 033a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 22

Yu Sān Ji Q Bin Sh Fāng
to ramble through Three Borders (San Jie- Past, Present, and Future Existences).
with the Qi everywhere in the 'Ten Directions' (Shi Fang- East South West
North East-North East-South West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards)

J Sn Wi Yī Jiē Yu Wŏ Shēn Zhōng Wi Shn Wng Y Nǎi Shn Zhŭ
Y Yŭ Shn H Fēi Shēn Zho Lng

it is gathered together then dispersed to deal with a hundred million calamities.
This is the reason the body's Center is used by the God-King (Shen Wang).
It means therefore, that this is God's Intention (Zhu Yi) to give assistence
to Divine Harmony {Shen He) through use of
the Flying God Summons the Marvelous Power (Fei Shen Zhao Ling)

Xiān Do Kĕ R Png Sh Gāo Zhēn Ti J Hn Dn Jīn Hn Y Zhāng Dng
D Yōu Wēi Zu Tōng

The Fairy Way (Xian Dao) allows it to be possible to enter in to inspect
the Highest Truth Extreme Principle (Gao Zhen Tai Ji) [to allay] Chaos (Hun Dun).
In the Golden Metal Case (Jin Han) is the Jade Seal (Yu Zhang).
This needs to be understood thoroughly as the secret of the Nether World.
In profoundness sitting to open

Bā Jǐng Fēi Zho Y Qiān Xng Dng Shn Xī Hu Fēng Zǐ Yān D Bāo Wn
Xing Fǎ Zh Qiān M Yŭ Do Tng H M Rn Chēng Zhēn Zhēn Zhōng

the Eight Auspicious Prospects (Ba Jing),
Flying swiftly having the shining light that reflects a Hundred Million Thousand(Yi Qian)
Natural Characteristics (Xing).
Certainly God is smart,
His Breath becomes a Circling wind made up from purple smoke.
The Path (Dao) wraps around,
like a sachel holding All Manifestations of Nature (Wan Xiang).
The Law (Fa) controls and restricts a thousand demons and monsters.
With the help of these things along the Way (Dao),
this is similar to shutting the eyes to see the correct results, the truth.
The truth is that the Center

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