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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 033a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 22

[Page 33]

W Wng W Xiǎng W Bĕn W Yun W Tǐ W Lĕi Rn Li H Zho Ch
Sh Fāng

Not being forgetful or in error (Wu Wang).
Being without Thought or Longing (Wu Xiang).
Having no root or stem (Wu Ben).
Passive and without a source (Wu Yuan).
Having no body or substance (Wu Ti).
Without Clinging or Involvement (Wu Lei).
It is correct that these are the Six Harmonies (Liu He)
that illuminate thoroughly the Ten Directions (Shi Fang- East South West
North East-North East-South West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards).

Lng Hn Chū Ji Chun Fǎ Kāi Shēng Rn Chn Kāi D Hu Y Qn
Yun Sǐ H B Sāi Tāi Gēn

The Dragon of the Milky Way (Long Han) is the originator of Calamity (Jie).
To transmit the Method (Fa) to open and move out Life (Sheng),
the Nine Heavenly Bodies (Ren Chen- the Sun, Moon, and Starts)
[are used to] open and move out to the full limit of transformation
to create and raise [this] up for all of society.
[But] the principle of Death at the Door (Si Hu)
blocks up the Fetal-Root

Xī Mi Q Lng Tōng Shuǎng J J Shn Tīng Shng Chng Ti Xū Xi Ch
Yōu Guān Bǎi Tǐ J Yī Ni Wi W Shāng

so that it ceases to breath.
This extinguishs the Qi.
The Spirit Energy (Ling) is connected to what one would call
the Feeling of Wellness (Shuang).
Everyone has to gather together in the Divine Law Court,
rising to rush through the Universe (Tai Xu),
then goes down, penetrating into the Quiet and Tranquility
of the Nether World (You),
closing down the Barriers so that hundreds of bodies can become complete.
All of these, internally and externally, do not suffer wound or injury (Wu Shang).

Shn Su Q Yn Bin Hu W D Yī Tǐ Wn Shēn Hū Xī Fēi Guāng Shn
The Divine Spirit (Shen) follows the Qi's movement during its Changes (Bian Hua).
Without the Emperor One (Di Yi- the Ruler of the Upper Cinnabar Field) in the Body,
numerous Bodies breathe in a wrong way counter to the brightness
that allows the Divine Spirit (Shen)

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