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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 032b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 22

Sān Ji Tŏng Lǐng Shn Bīng Huī Chung Ch Ji Yu Bin Ti Kōng M Ho
Shn Mi Zhū Tiān Chēng Gōng Shng Tiān D Rn

the Three Borders (San Jie- Past, Present, and Future Existences) to unit
together to receive the Divine Troops (Shen Bing) Commander's Standard Pennant (Hui Chuan)
and hold it in one's grasp.
While doing so, they then ramble about all the way through the Great Void.
Look at the titles of the gods who carry out the Extinguishments (Mie).
Their Heavens have titles that reflect the results
given through Heavenly Salvation (Shang Tian Du Ren).

Shī Hu Lng Wn Zh Zhēn Shu Mng Jing Fǎ Zho Lng Bā Mi
To carry out transformation there are the
Marvellous Power Writings of Extreme Truth (Ling Wen Zhi Zhen).
These give the mission to descend, and summon the Marvelous Power (Ling)
over the Eight Extinguishments (Ba Mie).

Zūn Wi Wn Q Kāi Zhāng Jǐn Qin Qū Qīng Jiǎ
With veneration towards the Seniors (Zun),
one safeguards and hold together the Ten Thousand Influences (Wan Qi)br> The first order of business is that brightly brocaded forerunners in Cerulean armor

Zhng Fān Zh Huŏ Wn Lǐ Li Lng Bā Chng Gǎn Yŏu Gān Fn J
holding weapons and a funeral banner,
while flinging Fire for ten thousand miles.
After spreading around with bells,
eight of them rush forwarrd making bold holding their shields to counter and hold back the violators

Shng Zhēn Jīn Yu Qin L J Gē Hu Xng Dng Ch Xi Hu Fēng Huŏ
W Tng

of Superior Truth.
[Using a] Golden Battle-Axe beforehand to slay,
and a tremendous Dagger-Axe afterwards for torturous punishement,
to clear away and get rid of the Perverse and Dirty.
[Even] Wind and Fire cannot stop this.

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