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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 032a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 22

Dŏu Zh Chāng Zhōng Dŏu Hu Xng
the Dipper concentrates on prosperity
[When] in the Center the Dipper transforms the body.

Zŏng Jiān Zhng Lng Qīng D Fēi Shn Bi D J P Ch D Li Guāng
Hēi D Zho Lng Hung D Ni Shēng Wn Shn H Mng>

The 'Inspector Generals', having marvellous effect over the numerous spirits.
The God of Spring (the Cerulean Emperor) is the 'Flying God'.
The God of Autumn (the White Emperor) assembles together the Inferior Soul (Po).
The God of Summer (the Red Emperor), circulating rays of light and brightness.
The God of Winter (the Black Emperor), who summons the Spirit-Energy of beings.
Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor), the god of the Center,
where inside ascending are the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits harmonious and bright.

Qīng Tiān M Wng Gōng F Shn Yīn
[There is also the] 'Cerulian Heaven' Demon King,
[possessor] of the Revered Charm of Divine Tidings.

Ch Tiān M Wng Shū Fā Gōng Fēi
The Red Heaven Demon King, who writes down in a Book,
punishments for meritless behavior.

Bi Tiān M Wng Zhǎn Gu B Xing
The Daytime Demon King, who slays and beheads those
[who are] Inauspicious and of Evil Omen.

Hēi Tiān M Wng J L Shī Mi
The Night Time Demon King, Possesses of the gigantic physical strength
that is used to carry out 'Extinguishments' (Executions).

Hung Tiān M Wng Ch Fǎ Shŏu Zhēn
The Yellow Heaven Demon King, whose task it is to hold the Law,
and keep watch over Truth.

Wŭ D D M Wn Shn Zhī Zōng Fēi Xng
The Five Emperors of Old, the Great Demon,
the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits of the Ancestors.
Flying through

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