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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 031b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 9 Scroll 22

Yuān M Xun Hu Tiā
'Deep-Abyss Silent and Incorporeal' Heaven.

D Mng M Xi Hn
Emperor 'late misty evening,
to lead by the hand through the confusion'.

Hu Wǎn Chēng Lǐ Tiān
Intelligent as if the result of Logic and Truth (Li)' Heaven.

D Xng Yun Jīn Chng
Emperor 'To go walking along the edge of the Golden Flat Valley'.

Yu Fn Y Tiān
'Cheerful [though] the music of Wind Sighing in the Trees, soon enough brings longing' Heaven.

D Kĕn Ch Mio Tōng
Emperor 'who consents to support that which is clever logic'.

H Tng Wn Yŏu Tiān
'Peace and Harmony in common with the Ten Thousand existing' Heaven.

D Bin Y Yun Hōng
Emperor 'Pervading everywhere rearing up the Primary kept warm by the fire'.

Chōng Xū D M Tiān
'Colliding in Void-Emptiness, the indifference of the great desert' Heaven.

D Yuǎn Shng Li Shēng
Emperor 'thrusting aside the distance, to come out from below and rise up'.

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