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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 030b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 8 Scroll 22

Nng Dān Zhng D Tiān
'Peaceful and Tranquil,
better the Red Cinnabar is in the First Month's time' Heaven.

D M Miǎn N Fāng
Emperor '[Since there is] no Reflection back,
then from which Direction [does it come]?'

Xī Nng Z W Tiān
'Splendorous with fixed attention,
it gives beneficence to the others of the world' Heaven.

D Hū Zh Yn Chāng
Emperor 'Suddenly all-powerful clouds flourish'.

H Mng D Yīn Tiān
'Peaceful rejoin in song and writing to a brilliant degree
are the sounds' Heaven.

D F F Shēng Kāng
Emperor 'Laying flat swimming superficially on the surface;
rising afterwards in health and well-being'.

D Dng Shī Bin Tiān
'Great and stable surely carries out Change (Bian)' Heaven.

D Zhēn Q H Xiāng
Emperor 'Attaining a high level; uniform for all in the village'.

Hǎo Shēng Zhǎng Y Tiān
'Loving Life; it Grows Up (Sheng Zhang) after being born' Heaven.

D Wēn Hu Jīn Zhǎng
Emperor 'Warm and Intelligent, in these days it grows'.

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