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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 030a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 8 Scroll 22

Hu Zhng L Bin Tiān
'A kindness, the positive beauty of Change (Bian)' Heaven.

D Dng Yo Shn Nng
Emperor 'Penetrating the Cavity of the Spirit with supernatural fixed attention'.

Lng Zho L Jng Tiān
'The powerful Omen (Zhao) of Green (Lu) is to be served respectfully' Heaven.

D Ăi Y Yn Wēi
Emperor 'The mist of fragrance protracts the minutely profound'.

Guǎng Hu Chēng Hu Tiān
'The numerous flowers accomplish Transformation (Hua)' Heaven.

D Fn Guāng Mĕi Zhī
Emperor 'Flooding with light each of the Twelve Earthly Branches.'

Shng Lng Qīng Hu Tiān
'Rising Power (Ling) is thoroughly bright' Heaven.

D Wĕi Rŭ Jiā Fēi
Emperor 'Casting aside your increase is wrong'.

Yŭ Wŭ Huǎng Xī Tiān
'Feathered-plumes dance around, swaying and flashing past in the early sunlight' Heaven.

D D J Lng Shī
Emperor 'The great Ball a fraction to use'.

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