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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 029b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 22

Fn Tiān Shng Ji Zŭ Kǎo Y Ji Zhŏng Qīn Zi J Yōu Xun
one of the eighteen mansions in Heaven (Fan Shan) above
under the guard of the Spirits of the Ancestors (Zu Kao).
[Normally,] a hundred million calamities of all kinds can be sown amongst
yourself and your close relatives, with all crimes written down in a registry.
[With the soul] deeply hidden in Profound Darkness (Xuan)

Lu Mi Xiāo Sh
sinking down into extinguishment has to be dispelled so as

B D Jū Li Shn H Do Jio Yun Shǐ Go Mng Sh K Shēng Qiān Jio
to not allow the detention of the Divine Spirit,
[but instead] harmonize the Way (Dao) with a Charm (Fu) covering The Origin (Yuan Shi),
and ask for a command to constantly promote and teach

L Zhū Gōng Lin Xng Hn Lng M Bǎo Jŭ D Pǐn Nn Gōng Sǐ Hn
the records.
The Cinnabar Palace (Zhu Gong) is where is refined (Lian) the form of the body.
The Superior Vital Soul (Hun) and the Energy (Ling) are here given
Demon Protection (Mo Bao), then raised up to the limits of its quality.
At the Southern Palace (Nan Gong) a dead [person's] Superior Vital Soul (Hun)

Shu Lin Xiān Hu Chēng Rn Shēng Shēn Shu D Ji Ji Zhǎng Cn Su
Ji Ln Zhun

endures refinement to become a Fairy and transform itself to turn into
an adult human being and produce a body that allows for one to endure over time
so that for generation after generation they will continue to live forever.
Adapting to this allows [one to get along while] calamity turns around

Yŭ Tiān Q Nin Yŏng D Sān T Wŭ Kŭ Bā Nn Chāo Lng Sān Ji
and one can get together with the Heaven in the North.
Annually forever the Three (San) will blot out the Five Hardships (Wu Ku)
and the Eight Difficulties (Ba Nan) and one can transcend the Three Borders (San Jie).

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