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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 029b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 22

Qǐ Qiān Zhēn Yŏng Yun Y Wn Tiān Xiān F Kōng r Li Gōng Yng Fǎ
on a thousand truths,
gathering around in a crowd around the official offices,
are the inumerable angel-like Heavenly Immortals (Tian Xian)
of floating-Superficial Void Emptiness (Fu Kong).
Also, coming forward with respect and reverence,
meeting face-to-face with the Law (Fa)

Ji F Ch Xn
at the carriage with a bowed head,
holding a envelope

B Zhuān Xīn Jī Shŏu Qin Zhng Lng Yīn Zhŭ Zǎi Shng Xiāng Nn Lng Huŏ
Guān Zhǎng Jīng Xiān B

containing money,
absorbed in kowtowing sincerely to the Middle Intermediate (Zhon)
for the Marvellously Powerful (Ling) Tidings (Yin) of the Ruler Over All (Zhu Zai).
With his ascended appearance at the Southern Imperial Tombs (Nan Ling)
the Fiery Official (Huo Guan) holding in his hand the Scriptures;
Fairy Uncle (Xian Bo)

Jiān J D Shn Zh Jīng Bǎ J Q Do D
who is the official Inspector of Registries Diety.
Holding [in one hand] the Scriptures and grasping [in the other] the Registries (Ji)
everyone together arrive at the Emperor (Di)

Yīng Qin Su Suŏ Yīng D Yn Jio Zhū Tiān Pŭ Go
who answers right in front there that this is the suitable occasion
for the Stern Teacher (Yan Jiao) of the Heavens to make publicly known

Sān Ji W J Shn Xiāng Chāng Mng Y G Qong Sh Hu Tng Ti Yī
Lng Fŭ Jiŭ Q

the Three Borders (San Jie) and the Unbounded Pre-State
of All Things Without End (Wu Ji) Divinity.
In the rustic districts stands a splendid, shining tower with a beautiful room,
the flowery meeting room of Greatest-of-all Power (Tai Yi Ling),
the official residence of the Nine Influences (Jiu Qi)

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