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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 029a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 22

Sh Fāng Zh Zhēn Fēi Shn Zho Lng Zhǎng Shēng D Sh W Ling D Rn
D Shn Bng Chng Hu Gi Wŭ S

The 'Ten Directions' (East South West North East-North East-South West-South
West-North Upwards and Downwards).
The Extreme Truth Flying God Summons the Marvellous Power (Zhi Zhen Fei Shen Zhao Ling)
[measure out] the length of one's lifetime and provides Boundless Salvation (Wu Liang Du Ren).
Moreover, riding in a vehicle with a canopy of all the Five Colors (Wu Se),

Cu Yŭ Yn Y Lng Shŏu Jing Nng Zhū Bǎo Niǎng Ji Y Lng Fng Cān
Chng Cu Lun Jin Qiān

a Green Kingfisher Feather Cloud-Carriage with a Dragon at the head,
and a deep red calyx of crystalized gems.
An imperial carriage drawn by a team of three.
With marvellous power (Ling) riding in a vehicle
driven by emerald-green Luan (a mystical Phoenix-like bird),
there are set up a thousand

Zhēn Bin Hu Lng Ji Wn Q Shng Sn Shn Fān Qin J Shn Hŭ Fn
Xiǎng Hu Su Cāng Lng Fā Huī P Xi Tiān L Li Yīn D Shu Gng
Chng Di H Jiāo Yng Gŏng F

True Changes (Bian Hua).
With Marvellous Energy (Ling) are the divisions of
the Myriad Influences (Wan Qi), the Sages (Sheng)
distribute themselves with a divine funeral banner at the front.
[Following this] is first the Divine Tiger (Shen Hu),
and drifting noisily following right behind is a dark green Dragon,
whose [heavenly] task it is to exert itself in exoricising
evils spirits from Nature and its Seasons.
[Next,] a Deer, making a thunderous sound like a gigantic beast (Da Shou).
Furthermre, Singing a song repeatedly in harmony,
associating in the sunlight, cupping their hands before their breasts,
are those who are there to bring relief to others.

Qī Yo
Helped by the Seven Illuminations of Sunlight (Qi Yao)

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