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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 028a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 6 Scroll 22

Fēn Shn Hu Lng W Wn B Guāng W Wn B Mng
differentiate its Deification through Airial Spiritual Transformation
(Shen Hua) using the Marvellous Power (Ling)
[of these who are] illiterate,
but not only just illiterate but to also [illiterate] in the following manner.
Illiterate but also just fail to understand.

W Wn B L W Wn B Chēng W Wn B D W Wn B Shēng Sh Wi
D Fn Tiān Zhōng Zhī

Illiterate of that which has just been set up or come into existence.
Illiterate of that which is established and fully grown.
Illiterate of that which is unrestrained and in surplus.
Illiterate of that which is inept and comes up short.
This really means the Great Brahmin resides at the Center of Heaven.

Tiān Zǐ Qong F Ti B Xiāo Fn Jīng Ti J Yun Zūn D Lu Y Qīng Hn Rn
Overhead in the heavens, a purple and jade floating Platform-Terrace
[sitting amongst] green-jade colored clouds.
There is the Brahmin (Fan).
It is the capital of the Grand Ultimate (Tai Ji)
which is the Original Beginning (Yuan).
Venerated as the highest of the thirty-six heavens,
being that of Jade Clarity (Yu Qing).
for this where things get mixed together
It is correct that the

Li H Y Q Wn Lng Miǎo Miǎo Ji Rn Ru Wng Ru Cn Dng Hu
Sān Jng Li Chn J Tīng Ruī Guǎn Yīng Fng

Six Harmonies (Liu He) by their shifting,
influence the Ten Thousand Marvellous Powers (Wan Ling)
to make trifling any calamity.
Measured out in this way, these are then subjugated in this way.
There exists in the Cavity a flower,
being from one of the Three Beautiful Views (San Jing),
which contains the Six Imperial Private Apartment (Liu Chen)
and their tremendous front yards.
Its Stamen (Rui) contains the Official Guest Accomodation (Guan).
The Infant's house is

Zǐ Wēi Shn Hng Jiŭ Ha
purple and minute, supernaturally at a great depth
within Mount Hua (Jiu Hua).

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