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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 027b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 5 Scroll 22

Zuŏ Yu Guān Sh Zhĕ Sh Xiāng Y Tng Chun Yn Y Nŭ Wŭ D Zh F Zh
R Xiāng Guān G

to the left and right [consisting of] Official Messengers and Emissaries in attendance
with fragrant incense, waiting upon the Pure Pretty Child,
and passing on messages to the Beautiful Girl (Yu Nu),
and the Five Emperors of Old (Wu Di).
Continuously [working with] the Charm (Fu),
Continuously [working] daily with the fragrance of the incense,
and with officials, each

Sān Sh Li Rn Guān Qǐ Suŏ Yn Jīn R J Qng Zhǎng Zhāi Qīng Tng Xiū Xng
Zh Jīng W Ling D Rn Yun Suŏ Qǐ Shng Wēi Jng Y

of thirty-six persons at the Barrier (Guan),
explaining at that place that from that day on,
Auspiciousness and Happiness would begin to increase.
Fasting in a quiet main room, studying and carrying out
the use of the Scriptures for Boundless Salvation (Jing Wu Liang Du Ren),
and to pray for the place above with the abtuse pathway to drive upon.

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