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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 026b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 22

Shēng Sǐ Mng Hu Shng Tiān
Life and Death (Sheng Si) are considered by the Ignorant (Meng) to be a favor from Heaven.

Suŏ Bǎo B Chun Xi Sh Yŏng B Y Fŭ Sān Wn Li Qiān Nin Ji Yn Dāng
Xīng Mĕng Tiān r

But from this place such preciousness is not just handed downed
in these works to those below.
For throughout the ages this has been a prepetual Secret (Yong Bi)
of the Jade Office (Yu Fu).
For thirty-six thousand years, [regarding] Calamity and Good Fortune (Jie Yun),
when suitable there could arise an Alliance with Heaven (Meng Tian),
and a

Chun Qīng Xi Lu Mn Yāng J Jiŭ Zŭ Hu Zāi Mn Fǎ Zhǎng Y Lng Guān
Shn Bīng Jiāng L Sh Jīng Wŭ D Shn Sī Zhū Lng Jīn Tng Qīng Y Nŭ G

handing down of a small amount of Divulgements (Xie Lou),
to be used to either postpone or slow down Misfortune and Calamity (Yang)
This was done by the Nine Ancestoral Founders (Ji Zu)
when Personal Disaster and Calamity (Huo Zai) struck.
[They caused their] Family of Power and Influence (Men Fa) to increase,
and formed [a collection of] petty officals who were a Powerful Bureaucracy with
Divine Troops (Shen Bing) to support the Officials (Li) who attend upon the Scriptures.
The Five Emperors of Old (Wu Di) are the Divine Department's Ministry (Shen Si).
Vermilion (Zhu) is for the Marvelous Energy of a Being (Ling)
Gold (Jin) is for the Bare Child (Tong),
Cerulean (Qing) is for the Beautiful Girl (Yu Nu).
Each has

Sān Sh Li Rn Yng Wi Shn Wn Bǎo H Shu Jīng Zhĕ Shēn
thirty-six persons each of who have the job of
Care and Maintenance of the Living Body (Ying Wei).
Therefore, the Divine Characters (Shen Wen)
protect all who receive the Scriptures (Jing) for this body.

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