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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 026a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 22

Sh Jīng Shn Wn Q J Fēi Shēng Nn Gōng Zhōng Xe Zhī Sh Shu Sng
Sh Jīng Jiē J Shu D D Wi Shn Xiān Xi Xe Zhī

these Scriptures.
The gods do this thing through the influences of a tool so to provide the ability
to fly up into Heaven to the Southern Palace (Nan Gong) in the Center
to study the knowledge needed.
A Learned Gentleman or Scholar (Shi) trained in this field made it possible for us to
receive the Chanting of these Scriptures so that everyone was inspired
to endure the time [needed in training], the result of which is gaining
the status of Celestial-Being Fairyhood.
It is below where one studies the knowledge.

J D Wŭ Xng Bi Sh Q Li Yu Jǐ B Chĕn Guǐ Guān Ru F Tŏu Tāi
Though it is assumed that one also gets the knowledge
of the Five Activities (Wu Xing) to use it all correctly.
It is correct that being apart is the reason that causes oneself not
to be penetrated by Ghosts.
The officials like to return these so they can [not] join with the Fetus (Tai).

Zi Shu Sh Jīng J Hu Fēi Shēng Yu Xng Ti Kōng Cǐ
Moreover, it is correct that with these Scriptures (Jing),
it means that one can win ascension to Heaven to travel through the Great Void (Tai Kong).
It is in this

Jīng Wēi Mio Pŭ D W Qong Yī Qiē Tiān Rn M B Shu Qng J W Ling
Zhī Do

Scripture (Jing) [it is given] that in subtle manner
it becomes possible to relieve souls out of purgatory,
making that which is endless and inexhaustible [available] to one and all,
man and celestial beings.
There is no on who does not receive the Good Luck gathered together.
Boundless and Immeasurable (Wu Liang) is the Way (Dao).

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