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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 026a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 22

[Page 26]

D Rn W Ling Wi Wn Do Zhī Zōng Wēi Wēi D Fn D Nn K Shng
Salvation Boundless and Immeasurable (Du Ren Wu Liang) for the thousand Paths (Dao)
that lead to the School where towers the Great Law of Virtue (Da Fan De)
difficulty and hardship can be overcome and victory achieved.

Do Yn Fn Sng Sh Jīng Sh Gu Zhū Tiān Q Do Y Zēng Wn Zŭ Zhī Lin
Shŭ J Jiē J Shu D Shng Shēng Zhū Gōng G Jiē Jiŭ Nin Shu Hu Gng
Shēng D Wi Zhēn Rn

Daoist Doctrine states that ordinarily upon the recitation of the Scriptures
of the Ten Deviations (Shi Guo),
in the Heavens there are altogether up to a hundred million (Yi)
Fourth-Generation Relationships (Zeng) with a thousand Ancestors (Zu)
to be connected to their family registry (Shu Ji),
everyone was inspired to endure the time [needed in training]
for ascending to the Cinnabar Palace using the normal pattern of
[once in] every nine years to receive the Transformation of Regeneration (Geng Sheng),
the result of which is a Perfected One (Zhen Ren).

r Hǎo Xe Zh Jīng Gōng Mǎn D Ji Jiē D Shn Xiān Fēi Shēng Jīn Qu Yu
Yn Y Jīng Yĕ

Also being studious to the extreme until [mastery] of the Scriptures is [fully] achieved,
the result is being filled with virtue and kindness,
and move towards the accomplishment that all can use
to gain the status of achieving Celestial-Being Fairyhood,
and so fly up into Heaven to the Golden Palace (Jin Que).
To ramble about entertaining at the banquets at the Jade Capital as well.

Shng Xe Zhī Sh Xiū Sng
Having gone to school and become a scholar who has studied and can read aloud

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