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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 025b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 22

Wi Ch Shn B Tōng Shuǎng Shēn B Qīng Nng Tǐ Wi Dng Zhēn Yǐ
Zh Sh Fāng

and has not yet been gotten rid of.
The gods have not made well the Body (Ti).
Nor has Quietness (Qing) or Tranquility (Ning) been given to the Body (Ti).
For not yet has the Cavern Perfection (Dong Zhen - corresponds to
the Shang Qing Tradition) to be used in formulating and controlling
the system of the 'Ten Directions' (East South West North East-North East-South
West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards)

Wēi Wi Zh Tiān Zhng D K F Y D Q Sh Zhun M Lng Dn Wi Hu Wn
B Jiū Jīng Wēi Qīng Sng Cǐ Zhāng Shēn Z Bi Yāng Hu Lin

and it impressive power.
Not yet had there been worked out the system of Heavenly government
and its administrations.
But with Morality and Virtue (De) it is possible to
lie prostrate before the carriage of the Earth God (Di Qi) so that he may tie up
the demons and their magic power.
However the fact of the matter is that the Chinese language
is not really refined enough,
so that a person would have to softly recite these sections,
and their rules personally to themselves.
Therefore, it was the norm whenever misfortune followed upon disaster in succession

Jiŭ Zŭ Gōng Yǎng Zūn Lǐ Mn H Xīng Lng Sh Sh Chāng Ch D Wi Zhēn Xiān
Wn Zāi B

to revert to the Nine Ancestoral Founders (Jiu Zu)
to make offerings to and venerate with [elaborate] ceremony and gifts
To the sect, this gave a brisk and thriving [source of income]
for generation after generation.
When things are flourishing and prosperous the result was [proof] that
with genuine Fairies (Xian) myriad calamities will not happen?

Qiān Shn Mng H Mn Sī Jīng Zūn Mio D Bŭ Y Jīng
With a thousand gods guarding the Gate,
these Scriptures venerate the [process being so] wonderful and clever,
[that there needs be] only the single step to [enter] the Jade Capital.

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