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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 025a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 22

Fng Lǐ Jng Jiē D D Sh
there is given with respect and reverence a ceremony
which offers everyone the opportunity to receive the results of
measuring out the length of one's lifetime.

Do Yn Yun Shǐ Tiān Zūn Shuō Jīng Zhōng Suŏ Yn Bng Sh
Daoist doctrines states that Primal Heaven Venerable-Worthy says
in the Scripture (Jing) that the Centeris the place
which is being talked about, and that it is indeed correct that at

Sān Jǐng Shng D B M Yǐn o Yŭ
the Three Beautiful Sceneries (San Jing) there is a Supreme God (Shang Di)
who holds the secrets of the meticulously hidden and Profoundly Mysterious (Yin Ao).
Together with this

Zhī Wn Y Sh Y Chn D D Hu Xng Zho Zhēn Zhī Yǐn Mng Yĕ Fēi Sh Zhī
is the writing.
Likewise, it is correct that at the Jade Imperial Private Apartment (Yu Chen)
the Supreme Being (Da Di) transforms the body,
summoned by the true use of the Secret Name (Yin Ming) that conceals identity.
Also, it simply must not, in the [normal] world, ever be used

D C Shng Shng Yǐ Chng Zhēn Rn
The Emperor's Diction when used by a Superior Sage (Shang Shen)
likewise can accomplish turning out a True Man

Fēi Shn Zho Lng Tōng Xun Jiū Wēi Nng X Q Zhāng
by using the Flying God Summons the Marvelous Power (Fei Shen Zhao Ling).
With Expert Understanding (Tong) its Profundity (Xuan) can be examined into, along with the minute, and so know entirely these sections and the rules

Sng Zhī Sh Gu Wn Tiān Gōng Lǐ Sān Ji Tīng Fǎ H Hǎi Jng M Shān Yu Zng Yn R Yu Tng Jǐng Xun Jī B Xng
for chanting the Ten Deviations so that the entire world
can respect and revere the ceremony of the Three Borders (San Ji).
Hear and obey the Law.
Over the Rivers and Seas,
at Calm-Silent Mountain (Jing Mo Shan - one of the Five Sacred Peaks)
is where the Depository (Zang) is.
Clouds and the sun and moon stay stationed over the Scene (Jing)
[just] like an Armillary Sphere (Xuan Ji) that is no good.

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