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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 021a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 22

[Page 25]

Zh Jīng Fǎ Pŭ Shu Tiān Ēn Xin D J D Qun Q Bĕn Nin W Yŏu
the Scriptures.
Following the rules of Universal Acceptance of the Blessings of Heaven
(Pu Shou Tian En- this is divination's luckiest day),
all can gain success right up the limits of completion in the year.
Not having this means that

Tiān Shāng Qīng Tŭ Guī Yǎng Xin Xng Shn Xīn W Jn W Mi W Bi W Hui
W Sŭn W Q W L

Heaven is wounded and Earth is overturned and emptied out.
To give respect is to entirely unite with one's conduct by having a good heart.
Not be exhausted.
Not be extinguished.
Not be defeated.
Not be spoilt.
Not be decreased or experience harm or damage.
Not to suffer removal or being forced away from.
Not to have to leave or be away from anything.

W Sn W Sǐ W Shāng Yn W Hu Qǐ Kŏu
Not Break Up or Become Scattered.
Not suffer Death.
Not be Wounded or Injured.
And in speech, not to be elaborate with a varied and over-discriptive use of the mouth.

W Shēng Q Tng C i Y G Chng Qīn Guŏ Ān Mn Fēng Xīn Yu Ti Png
Jīng Shǐ Chū Jiāo Yī Guŏ Yǐ Do

No matter what the sound, all are on the same level with each other.
This is the same as when those being affectionate
even with others from different bones get married.
The country is peaceful, and among the folk there is an abundance of
rejoicing and happiness due to the
Great Peace (Tai Ping - this being the Daozang's second of the Four Supplements,
relating to the work Tai Ping Jing).
These Scriptures were initially produced to teach the whole country
the Use of the Way (Yi Dao).

Y Yŏu Zh Xīn Zōng
Previously having extreme feelings towards the Ancestors,

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