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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 024b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 2 Scroll 22

Shēn Yun Shǐ Wn Tiān D Jūn B B Cng Zhū Kŏu Zhōng R J R Zhū Kŏu B
Zhī Suŏ Zi Guŏ Rn

the body is the main part for the Beginning (Yuan Shi) of the entire world.
With the Supreme Monarch (Di Jun) thriving and exuberant,
pursuing the Pearl in the Mouth (Zhu Kou Zhong) that it has entered already.
Some who have admitted the Pearl in their mouth
have no knowledge of the location of their fellow countrymen,

Ku Sn D T Png Zhng W F Gē Xin Yun Shǐ J Y Guāng Mng Yun Zhū Zhī
so that [the mouth] becomes wide and lets [the Pearl] fall out
to be scattered on the Earth in confusion.
Peace and positivity will not to be restored with song to those trapped.
Regardless, at the Beginning (Yuan Shi) it appears [in the shape]
of a bright, round-shaped Pearl.

Shng Shuō Jīng Dū Jng Zhng Zhēn Jiān D Yǐ Shu Y Wŏ Dāng Cǐ Zhī Sh
From Up above stating the Daoist Doctrine at the Capital throughout,
many clearly, though tasked with having imperial office,
afterwards still take the time to supervise and instruct us
in the suitability of the days and the seasons

Xǐ Qng Nn Yn Fǎ Sh Cū X Zhū Tiān F Wi Sh Yn Zhī
that are connected with jubliance and happy events.
It is difficult to say this about the Legalists and their rough and careless
knowledge of Heaven.
To return to that location like rapidly rising sparks from an agitated fire

Jiān D W Y Xiǎng Sh Sh Tiān Rn Y
into that space between,
One needs to use a room allowing only complete silence.
These days Celestial Beings receive the chance to take a turn at

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