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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 024b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 2 Scroll 22

Zhng Zh Guŏ Yī Bn Tŭ Jiē Piān Xin Fēi K Jn Zhǐ Y Sh Yun Shǐ Hu
Guāng Z Mi Jiān Chū Tng Yo Wn Fāng

many to go back and forth, pressing themselves in an urgent manner upon the
country so that half of the land and its native peoples
is each and every one partial and one-sided.
Getting caught in pitfalls is impossible to prohibit.
Therefore, the Beginning (Yuan Shi ) tranforms into a ray of bright light
coming from oneself from amongst the space between the eyebrows,
issuing outwards to shine on all places.

Fēn Shēn R Y Guāng Zhōng G Yŏu Yun Shǐ Shng Xing Rn Hu Guāng Mng
F R Mi Jiān J Chng Yun Zhū D Ru Gān Kūn Pŭ Zho Tiān D

Joining with the light brightening the Center,
each has the Beginning (Yuan Shi) Sage's likeness which the
Bright Light (Guang Ming) restores and enters in via the space between the eyebrows, where it assembles together and turns into a round-shaped Pearl (Yuan Zhu),
having a great size like that of heaven and earth
with its sun and moon illuminating all things that are in the Heavens and Earth,

Hu Xng W Tǐ Bin Xing Z Rn Xū Kōng Tiān Ji Jn R Yun Zhū
the transformed shape of the body is not the body shaped by Nature (Zi Ran).
Empty and Hollow (Xu Kong) are the Heavens above,
the borders exhausted, this enters in and joins with
the round-shaped Pearl

Zhōng Tiān Rn Yǎng Kn Wi Jin Wn
at the Center of Nature and Man, at the Center of the Celestial Being (Tian Ren).
Looked after under the thoughtful gaze of the Thousand (Wan)

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