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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 024a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 2 Scroll 22

Shng Fāng Tōng Mng Wn Tiān D Jūn Cng L Shn Bīng W Yāng Zhī
Multitudious Floating-Superficial Void-Emptiness,
then goes on to explain the Doctrine of the Ninth All-Pervading Universality
is that of the Upper Direction.
Brightly Illluminated (Tong Ming) the Entire World (Wan Tian) Supreme Monarch,
Subordinate Officer of the Divine Troops Unhaltered for

Zhng F Kōng r Zh Shuō Jīng Sh Bin Xi Fāng
Multitudious Floating-Superficial Void-Emptiness,
and then going on to state the Doctrine of the Tenth All-Pervading Universality
is that of the Lower Direction.

Pŭ Bin Zhng Lĕi Shān Gŭ Dng Tiān Zhŭ Zǎi Shn Bīng Guǐ Guān W Ling Shŭ
Zhng Shēng Kōng r Zh

With wide heavy ramparts, in a mountain valley
is the Grotto (Dong) of the Heavenly God,
the ruler over all the Divine Troops (Shen Bing), ghosts, and bureaucrats.
It is Boundless and immeasurable (Wu Liang),
with numerous crowds ready to ascend into the Void.
And then goes on to explain that the Doctrine of

Sh Bin Zhōu Jng Sh Fāng W Jī Tiān Zhēn D Shn Yī Sh Tng Zh Yī Guŏ Shēng
Lng Qin Xīn Jī Li Zhĕ Yŏu R

the Ten Universalities cycle eventually through the entirety
of the 'Ten Directions' (East South West North East-North East-South
West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards),
the Unbounded Pre-State of All Things Without End Celestially-Endowed Diety.
For a short while, in common with most of the whole country it all consisted
in having living beings with pious and sincere hearts,
and bowing their heads the invited gather around.
This was very much, for example, like

Hǎi Bō Yng Y D Qun Yŏng Fā W Yāng Zhī
an ocean wave overflowing the earth, or a Spring gushing outward unhaltered for

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