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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 023a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 22

Wn Tiān Guī Yǎng Zn Tn Rn Hu Zhǎng Shēng Shuō Jīng Sān Bin Shŭ Chū
W Xng Wŭ Yŏu Mi

so that the entire world gives respect and high praise in admiration for
the person who thereby obtains Longevity.
To state that the Doctrine of the Third All-Pervading Universality
enumerates the Five Activities (Wu Xing).
But not dealing in any way with [the states that bring] Mie ('Extinguishment').

Shuō Jīng S Bin Wi Jng Zhn Rn Ni Jng Mng W Shuō Jīng Wŭ Bin
Shēng L K

To state that the Doctrine of the Fourth All-Pervading Universality
under which conditions external to the boundaries are crystal clear and placid,
and likewise correct that conditions internal to the boundaries are also
brilliant and distinct upon Awakening to Realization (Wu).
To state that the Doctrine of the Fifth All-Pervading Universality
gives that in life's journey it may be possible

Kāi Sǐ H L B Shuō Jīng Li Bin Q X H Png
open death's door and then immediately shut it again.
To state that the Doctrine of the Sixth All-Pervading Universality
Influences (Qi) are in their order, Peaceful and Mild (He Ping)

S Sh Hn Yī Shuō Jīng Qī Bin Shēng Shēng Dǎi Kui Yu W Yŏu Qong Yǐ Shuō
Jīng Bā Bin W Jiē Mio Fǎ D Shēng Xiān Jng Shuō Jīng Jiŭ Bin

and the Four Season (Si Shi) are [fully] amalgamated.
To state that the Doctrine of the Seventh All-Pervading Universality
gives that life produces Badness (Dai) and Joyfulness (Kuai Yue)
without having any limit or cease.
To state that the Doctrine of the Eighth All-Pervading Universality
awakens one with explanation so that they can understand the wonderful method
of the Magic Arts needed to get ready for ascension to Paradise FairyLand.
To state that the Doctrine of the Ninth All-Pervading Universality

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