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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 022b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 21 Scroll 21

Xiān Ji Fn Q Lng Yīn Sān Tiān Do Zhŭ Y Chn Shng Jūn Zhū
the Fairy Kingdom.
The Brahmin influences through the powerful news of the Three Heavens (San Tian).
The Path (Dao) has a Ruler (Zhu), handsome and imperial,
the [Head] Sage (Sheng Jun) of the

Tiān Shng D Jīn Qu Gāo Zhēn W Yāng Shŭ Zhng Chng Kōng r Li Fēi Yn
Dān Xiāo L

Supreme God of the heaven (Ti Shang Di) at whose golden palace
is found the Highest Truth (Gao Zhen).
Unhaltered, Numerous crowds appeared riding in a chariot
coming [from] the empty heavens of the Void.
Upon arrival this appeared and disappeared, flying out of the clouds.
Furthermore, it can be said that this
[chariot was made up of] Cinnabar clouds and had green

Yŭ Qong Ln Yŭ Gi Chu Yn Yn Li Jīng Y Guāng Wŭ S Y B Dng
wheels of fine jade and a precious feathered canopy hanging down providing shade.
Circulating around it is Essence (Jing).
Beautiful rays made up from all Five Colors (Wu Se) play richly around the Cavity.

Hun Ti Kōng Sān R Sān Y Zhū Tiān R Yu Xīng S Xun Jī Y Yŏng Yī Sh Tng
Ln Shn Fēng Jng M Shān Hǎi Zng Yn H Q

Shining and glowing in the Great Void of Outer Space (Huan Tai Kong).
Three days and nights this happens, all the while bringing into effects of the sky,
the sun and moon, and the constellations.
[These operate just like an] armillary sphere,
[utilizing] jade [weights] on an elevated path.
But, for a [short time] then, these cease their turning just like a wheel [eventually] does.
The Divine Wind (Sheng Feng) blows at Calm-Silent Mountain
(Jing Mo Shan - one of the Five Sacred Peaks) beyond the Sea,
where is the Depository (Zang).
In the clouds there are harmonious influences,

Lio Rǎo Zǐ
distant and winding round like darkish-purple

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