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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 022b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 21 Scroll 22

[Page 22]

Lng Bǎo W Ling D Rn Shng Pǐn Mio Jīng Jun Zhī r Sh r
From the 'Numinous Treasure' Tradition [of Daoism (compiled by Lu Xiu-jang)]
'Boundless Salvation Highest-Level Wonderful-Scripture'
Scroll number Twenty-two

Xun Yī

Fēi Shn Zho Lng Pǐn
'Flying God Summons the Marvelous Power of the Highest Level'

Do Yn X Y Shǐ Qīng Tiān Zhōng Jiŭ Hu Yng Ch Lng Mng F Gōng
Shu Yun Shǐ D Rn

Daoist doctrine states that in former times,
there was initially only the Cerulean Heaven at Nine-Flower Mountain (in AnHui).
There transparent and penetrating Power (Ling) and Knowing (Ming)
helped the palace [in training those striving]
to be initiated into 'Primal-Heaven's Salvation'.

Fēi Shn Zho Lng W Ling Shng Pǐn Yun Shǐ Tiān Zūn Dāng Shuō Sh
Jīng Zhōu Hu Sh Gu Yǐ Zho

A Flying God Summons the Marvelous Power of the Boundless Highest Level.
The 'Primal Heaven Venerable-Worthy' states that this doctrine reverts back to,
and so helps explain the information given in the 'Ten Deviations' (Shi Guo),
in order to summon throughout

Sh Fāng Shǐ Dāng Y Zu Zǐ Qīng
the 'Ten Directions' (East South West North East-North East-South West-South
West-North Upwards and Downwards).
Only then it is suitable,[having these technical attainments,]
to take a visit to the 'Constellation-Seat (Zuo)
of the clear purple [palace] of the

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